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Annual Walk/Run-of-Faith

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Over-the-Edge Fundraising Events....


On October 10th, 2018 and October 17th, 2019, 73 brave souls went “Over the Edge’ by rappelling down the Fraser Centre to raise money for FaithCentre and InterFaith Human Services.


Seven Mountain Media announced the rappellers’ names as they worked their way to the sidewalk and spectators cheered, shouted encouragement, and rang cow bells. Rappellers endured wind,, rain, and a bit of snow to descend 12 stories and their efforts were rewarded with t-shirts, prizes, goodie bags, pizza, and a hefty dose of adrenaline.


In addition to local business sponsorships, each rappeller raised a minimum of $1000 for the opportunity to release their inner Spiderman. After months of work and gathering the courage to rappel, our Edgers ultimately raised over $85,000 each year to support the important work of FaithCentre and InterFaith Human Services.
Our deepest appreciation to all of our sponsors, donors, and intrepid Edgers!

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