FAITHCENTRE - Thrift Store  (Now  "SuPrize")  

About SuPrize

Our Thrift Store page has been renamed to “SuPrize”. This page is our effort to inject some fun and levity into our community by making it possible to order online surprise gift packages from our former Thrift Store, which has been closed per current state pandemic mandates. Make a $50 or more donation to the FaithCentre Food Bank on-line using the form on this page and we will send you or a person of your choosing a personally curated box of fabulous items from the FaithCentre Thrift Store and Boutique. You could also order items you know you need by submitting the same form - - we will try to fill your request and mail it to you as soon as we can.

Please be sure to review the disclaimer below and check the "I have read the disclaimer" box or the order form will not display. Call if you have any questions or concerns. All orders are shipped via FedX. Please allow 3-10 days for delivery.

Since this is a fund-raising project, we cannot honor any return or refund requests. Our staff will not package and send perishible or potentially breakable or harmful items. While we hope you'll find some use and enjoyment as a result of receipt of our surprise package, we cannot be responsible for any mishaps that may happen at your household from any of the contents of the package.
   I have read the disclaimer  (must be checked to display order form)

 Thrift Store Hours

The Thrift Store is closed until further notice but you can continue to help support our community through your generous cash donations. See above.

 Please Donate

We are always looking for volunteers to help with our programs, Food Bank, or the Pet Food Pantry.

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 Walk/Run of Faith

This annual fun event promotes wellness and raises funds to help our neighbors suffering tragedy or loss of self-support.

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